Hi-Lift Wheel Lift

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The Wheel Lift is super handy on the trail when you need to jack up a tire or the whole side of your rig, especially when you're stuck on an obstacle.


It is rated for 5000 lbs. This should be fine for most 4x4s since you’ll only be lifting one wheel at a time. The hooks are made from 1/2” OD steel that are coated with rubber.

The hooks are large enough to fit stamped steel wheels and most aluminum wheels. Some aluminum wheels are too thick for the hooks, so you should test fit it when you get it to be sure it works with your wheels. The hooks are versatile enough that you could use them to lift anything with an edge within the weight rating, like a bumper or a mower deck.

It attaches to your Hi Lift with the included 5/16” bolt.