Terms of service


Terms of Service and Commitment:

  • The non-artificial fault happen in normal use during warranty period.
  • The fault caused by TRE4X4 allowed dismantlement, installation, and other operations.
  • The warranty is not transferable to another party.
  • If defective workmanship or materials become apparent in the Warrant period, TRE4x4 will replace or repair the defective TRE4x4 Products. But products may be required to be returned to TRE4x4 for assessment or repair. TRE4x4 is not responsible for postage or removal costs involved, but assistance may be considered at the discretion of TRE4x4 in the event of such a claim being verified.
  • TRE4x4 will not be liable for labor charges and other intangible or consequential losses that might be claimed as a result of a failure of any TRE4x4 component or part thereof.


Exemption clauses:

  • The products exceed the warranty period or can not provide the required proof (warranty card, proof of purchase, etc.)
  • The fault caused by incorrect operation or installation.
  • The fault caused by accident, neglect, abuse (overload working), and misuse.
  • Commercial used/competition used.
  • Product has been modified.
  • Used in racing or competition conditions without the prior consent of TRE 4x4.
  • Used beyond the expectations of the original vehicle manufacturer.