Exhaust Air-Lift Jack

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  • 4 tons Lifting Capacity: With a large lifting capacity of 4 tons (8800 lbs), this inflatable car jack can lift an incredible 31.5-inch (800 mm) height in just seconds. It is perfect for changing tires or installing chains.
  • Long Hose for Easy Operation: Our air bag jack comes with an incredibly long 20 ft (6 m) exhaust hose, allowing it to be easily connected to any part of your vehicle, and transfer the exhaust gas to the air jack.
  • Bonus Accessories: A carrying bag is available for secure storage and convenient portability. It also includes protective blankets to protect the air lifting jack from sharp objects.
  • Powerful Exhaust Air Jack: Our inflatable jack is suitable for quickly lifting jeeps, trucks, SUVs, or nearly any other type of vehicle. It is an ideal recovery tool for soft surfaces, like mud, sand, snow, or even just your usual hard surfaces like pavement.