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TRE 4x4 BC

Nissan E-Locker

Nissan E-Locker

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Developed, tested and proven, here in BC, the M205 E-locker has proven itself time and time again, in all kinds of terrain and situations. 

The E-Locker is equipped with re-developed gears. The locking depth has been increased from 2mm for the regular air locker products, to 5mm, which fundamentally solves the problems of automatic unlocking or insufficient locking effect found in similar products. The gear adopts a nickel-plated design, which is fully rust-proof and greatly improves the degree of wear resistance, significantly improving the service life and locking efficiency of the product.


Features include:

Complete kit with all necessary fittings, lines, seals and switches needed for installation. 

4320 chromoly alloy steel gears and 8620 steel casings, provide the strength and quality you demand, to keep you exploring. 

5-year warranty with extensive distribution network and high-quality after-sales service to provide 100% after-sale protection.

*Please note, for C200 applications, they are not compatible with the C200K variation. 


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