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TRE 4x4 BC

Portable Fridge - Freezer

Portable Fridge - Freezer

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The TRE Portable Fridge is a great choice of kit for those looking for a fridge/freezer portable appliance. Whether you're off to the park for a picnic, or on the road camping for months, the New TRE Portable fridges are invaluable for keeping your food fresh and your drinks cold!

Both Models are Dual Compartment and Dual Zone, so you can have a fridge on one side, and a freezer on the other. 

Capable of being powered from 12V and 24V car battery and from 110V mains at home.

3 level car battery protection system, so that your vehicle's batteries can stay charged without being run down.

 *pre-orders currently being taken. Please contact us for your requirements!


- German Secop compressor

- Cellphone APP control    

- LCD display panel, built-in LED light and internal basket.

- Suitable for Car and home use.  Works on 12/24V DC and 110V AC.

- Can freeze down to -18deg C for true car refrigeration and as                                         a compact fridge at home.

- 3 stage car battery protection system to prevent the car battery being run down.

- Vibration resistant design 

- Safe to run on angles up to 45' from horizontal

- High efficiency compressor with adjustable ECO modes.

- 3 years warranty on Compressor, 2 years warranty on other parts.

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